National Catholic Schools Week

Sunday, 30  January St. Anthony students that attend All Saints Academy and Mater Dei High School will kick off Catholic Schools Week during mass. Now entering its 48th anniversary year, National Catholic Schools Week is the annual celebration of Catholic education in the United States. The theme for National Catholic Schools Week 2022 is Catholic Schools: Faith, Excellence, Service.  Catholic Schools Week runs and there will be lots of exciting events planned for the students of ASA and Mater Dei.
At the 8:30am mass on Sunday, Jan. 26 at St. Anthony’s Parish, we would like your children to wear their school uniform and meet in the back of church approximately 10-15 minutes before mass. 

All of the students will walk up with Father Chuck and pews will be reserved in the front of church for them to sit in. Parents are encouraged to sit in the pews directly behind the students. 
Also, after mass we would like to take a group picture of the students with Father Chuck in the front of church.
At the end of mass, the children will walk out with Fr. Chuck. 
Don’t forget to meet back up in the front of church for the group picture after mass!