Our Parish

Our History

The village of Beckemeyer, originally known as Buxton, was settled by coal miners who were mainly immigrants from the northern part of Germany.  St. Anthony of Padua parish was formed in 1905 to serve the needs of the Catholic residents. On October 2, 1905, Father Joseph Hoellmann received his orders to build a combined church and school building.  In December 1905 St. Anthony’s was dedicated by Bishop John Janssen, first Bishop of Belleville with Father Joseph Hoellmann as founding pastor…

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Pastoral Council – Members are elected by fellow parishioners to aid the Pastor in establishing priorities and develop plans for building and strengthening faith of the parish and ensuring the recommendations are carried out within the parish. Term limits are three years. The Council meets quarterly and is available to all parishioners to respond to your questions and/or concerns.

Finance Council – Members are appointed to the council. Finance members provide review and oversight to pastor regarding finances of the parish. Finances include establishment of savings, review of any building and development plans, review of expenditures, and any other financial question(s) that may arise.

Buildings and Grounds Committee – Oversees activity associated with maintenance of parish buildings. This includes use of parishioners skills and obtaining outside companies as required to maintain Church, Parish Center, and grounds.

Cemetery Committee – Plans and coordinates improvements and general upkeep for the Cemetery.


Faith Development

Stewardship – Helps individual parishioners utilize their God given skills and talents for ministry to praise God within Liturgical and other ministry areas.

RCIA – Rite of Christian Initiation is a process developed for prospective converts. Classes begin in fall and end after Easter. The classes introduce Catholic beliefs and practices to those wanting to join the Church.

YFF – Youth Faith Formation is a program for Catholic children who attend public school. In this program, children first through 8th grade learn about their faith and prepare and receive the Sacraments of Initiation



As a member of the parish, you are invited to involve yourself in a ministry. Those listed concentrate on ministries associated with Mass and liturgical functions. There are other ministries such as the Ladies Sodality, Money Counters, Committees such as Building and Grounds and Picnic Committee. While not everyone feels comfortable being a lector, usher, etc. please join us with being involved in some aspect of ministry in our parish.

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Parish Life

Ladies St. Ann’s Altar Sodality – St. Ann’s is a women’s organization providing fellowship and service in the parish. The Sodality volunteers to maintain and beautify the altar at church and aid in other church needs. All women are invited and encouraged to participate in the Sodality.