New Mass Schedule Effective 26 Nov 22

Our Family of Parishes

Mass Schedule Reminder


Changes are coming quickly for our Family of Parishes.

Starting the weekend after Thanksgiving, November 26th and 27th we as a Family of Parishes will implement the new mass schedule. The new schedule will remain in place as long as we have two Priests available. While change is typically difficult the hope is that through prayer and understanding the transition to the new schedule will go smoothly.

While not all of us are pleased with the new schedule, as a Family of Parishes we certainly understand why the change is necessary. The extreme shortage of Priest in our diocese requires a reorganization of the workload for the remaining Priests.

As a Family of Parishes we need to approach the upcoming changes with an open mind and heart. Think of it as modifying your schedule to accommodate the needs of someone in our family. It is with love, kindness, and happiness we should accept the changes. For in the end, we are still celebrating what is central to our faith, the Holy Eucharist. The music may be different, the statues may be placed differently, and the drive a bit longer or shorter but our goal remains the same. To celebrate the Holy Eucharist as a community of Catholics on a weekly basis.

Our New Family of Parishes Mass Schedule

                    • Saturday – 4:00pm at St. Augustine
                    • Saturday – 5:30pm at St. Dominic
                    • Sunday – 8:00am at St. Augustine
                    • Sunday – 9:30am at St. Anthony
                    • Sunday – 11:00am at St. Dominic

The schedule may need to be altered after a few months to accommodate the attendance at each of the scheduled masses.