Lenten Book Program

We will be starting our second annual Lenten Book program on Friday, March 8 immediately following the Stations of the Cross.

This year we will be reading “The Biggest Lie in the History of Christianity” by Matthew Kelly.   Similar to last year we will be using the study guide that is provided with the book for our weekly group discussions.  Erin passed out copies of this book a couple months ago.  We have extra copies if needed.

The book, which is a lot shorter read than the one we used last year, addresses how modern culture is robbing us of our happiness.  It is very apparent, especially if you have been following the latest news, how our culture is becoming more and more anti-Christian. We live in a culture where they are trying to take Christ out of lives.  This is happening very quickly and goes against our very beliefs as Catholics.  Also, we are at a time when Catholics rightfully should be angry regarding the sex abuse scandal and it would be very easy for us to start doubting our faith. A quote from Fr Mike Schmitz “We don’t leave the Church when things get difficult.  Lead the Church when things get tough. The best way we can lead the church is by becoming Saints”.

The Church needs us more than ever. Obviously, we can’t solve all of the big problems of the Church. But this book gives us a good starting point on what we can do as individuals to help renew the Church.

So please consider joining us on Friday evenings during Lent.  Last year we had a great turnout.  This program will help to personalize and deepen your Lenten experience.  Make this part of your Lenten Journey as we work to grow our faith together here at St. Anthony’s.

We will also be serving coffee, soft drinks, and snacks to further entice you to join us.  If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach to either Jay Fowler or Erin Ethridge.  Make this the Best Lent Ever!